2017 E+ Cruise 10'2


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Specs: 10'2" L X 32" W @ 205 liters of volume


Construction: E+


Color: Blue or Green


Price: $899


 Construction Specs:


–  Unrivalled strength and high durability.


–  E+ is the next evolution of NSP’s famous E2 Classic molding technology.


–  The E+ range features NSP’s most popular board designs.


–  Deploys extremely tough military grade fibers and ASA sheet creating a ballistic skin on deck and bottom.


–  EPS SecureCell core and eco-friendly bio-resin.


 The Brands Take:


  –   The Cruise design is the most popular board in the NSP range and one of the most popular SUP’s in the world.


 –  Cruising on the water is the purest experience of SUP.


 –  Suitable for riders of all sizes and skill levels, the design features a wider nose and rounded square tail creating a stable platform with generous volume and easy turning.


 –  The double concave bottom shape delivers glide that makes this a super stable and fun board on flatwater and in small waves.


 –  The E+ Cruise is a favorite of SUP schools and rental centers around the globe with a secure lockable feature on the nose that is ideal for locking up on the dock or trailers.


 –  Available in Cocomat, E+, Elements and P2 Soft construction with eco-friendly bio-resin.


 Our Take:


The NSP branded stand up paddleboards are all hand made in the most renowned factory in the world, Cobra out of Thailand.  The Cobra factory has the top reputation in producing the highest quality boards for most of the top brands in the SUP industry.  The NSP boards are designed by the most premier shapers in the industry, then developed and tested by the most elite team riders in the world, then the specs are sent to Cobra to build to spec, for an end-all product that provides the most premium SUP's available in the world.


The NSP Cruise model is the perfect entry level SUP that provides you with a premium quality SUP, that is at a great affordable price point!  With its wide outline shape, it is the most stable for any level of paddler.  It's shape can handle all water type conditions from flat water harbor cruising, to open ocean exploring, and could even be a great entry level longboard style paddle surfboard!  The 11.6 model will provide plenty of stability for the big body-types, or that extra stability for the paddler that just wants to not think twice about standing on water and go cruise!  The 11.6 length will provide overall great tracking, and the double concave bottom will provide an effortless glide. 






If I'm looking for an affordable price point SUP, why even spend $899 when I can get a cheaper board from one of those SUP warehouse places, online, or at Costco??? 




Not all SUP's are the same!  Figure the cheaper priced SUP's are cheaper for a reason!  Typically these SUP's are the lowest quality construction boards made in China, which really means they just won't last.  We believe that when it comes to purchasing a Stand Up Paddleboard, there is a real deal value in offering only premium branded, premium construction, premium designed shapes, that will provide our customers with the highest quality SUP's available for season after season of stoke!    





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