All Star Carbon Sandwich 14 X 28

Length: 14'

Width: 28"

Volume: 331 liters

Weight: 28 lbs

Construction: Carbon Sandwich

Color: Sky Blue

Brand: Starboard

Model: All Star

Price: $4199





The Starboard All Star is the world’s most winning, most versatile all-water and user-friendly paddle board design.  Get ultra stability, high performance shapes designed by world-class athletes.  Even though this is a race board, in the 28" width, you get the ultimate stability like a tour board, with the ultimate speed of a race board, the best of both worlds! The sharp Vee nose slices through the water with a cleaner entry, increasing acceleration and glide, while the optimized nose volume provides lift to prevent nose-diving to maintain glide with a steady cadence.  The center vee height has been lowered, creating a flatter overall bottom shape, this reduces the roll from side to side, increasing overall control, tracking and stability.  Boxy bottom straight rails optimizes the outline to provide more pop from the increased side volume, and the concave side plane provides secondary stability to reducing rolling.  The wide chamfered rail reduces the planing surface by nearly 20%, increasing the glide and overall speed, so it's like having the surface area of a 26" width board, but getting the added stability of a 28" width.  A self-ventilating air valve is on the board to allow it to breathe.  The Dug-out standing area is shaped for maximum stability, and helps with balance in choppy conditions.  Four drainage holes flush water out of the standing area quickly.  Also painted with impregnated paint which means no paint is sprayed, reducing the overall weight, paint chips and scratches. 

The Carbon Sandwich Technology is the highest-end, lightest and strongest board construction available.  Starboard's Carbon Sandwich Technology was pioneered in SUP 11 years ago has been gradually improved year by year, delivering the fastest & most reactive SUP speed machines on the planet. Carbon sandwich combines the superior strength and stiffness properties of carbon fiber and PVC foam. This is our premium construction used in the world’s most successful and world-beating All Star and Sprint models.  If you want the highest performance paddle board with no compromise, then what you want is Starboard's proprietary Carbon Sandwich Construction. Lightweight biaxial carbon. Super light-weight 100g biaxial carbon is laminated over the standing area and full bottom. While the stronger 150g Biaxial carbon wraps the nose and rail and the best strength ratio and efficient flex. High-density PVC is used in the standing area and full bottom, reducing resin uptake and maximizing strength. A ridged standing area of 0.6mm Australian Pine is added for extra deck impact resistance and rigidity. Uni-directional carbon in the mid-section of the board has stiffer UD carbon side stringers to maintain the rocker in the critical area, thus optimizing glide. Impregnated paint pigment means no paint is sprayed, reducing the overall weight, paint chips and scratches. EPS closed-cell waterproof core. Shear resistant, fused and molded individually to fit each and every Starboard board providing high strength at the lightest weight. Our molded core technology produces zero EPS wastage.

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