Apex Bent-Shaft - One Piece

Type: One Piece

Material: Carbon Fiber

Blade Sizes: 76/ 83/ 91 (Square Inches)

Shaft Types: Classic and Tech

Shaft Sizes: Standard and Small Fit

Weight:  20 oz.

Length range: 71" to 83" *We will outfit you for your best suited paddle length!



The primary benefit to the Apex Bent-Shaft is how it naturally aligns your wrists in a more ergonomic position than a straight shaft, which decreases your wrist angle, putting less wear and fatigue on the wrists.  As we over exert and fatigue it is natural for technique to break down and a loose grip to become a tight one.  Plus, many paddlers just like the confidence of all four fingers in contact with their bottom hand and hold on too tight without knowing better.  As we tighten our grip for whatever reason, the hand to wrist alignment contorts into an uncomfortable position.  The blade also extends further out than a straight shaft, giving you a longer power phase in your stroke.

The premium performance Apex is the latest and greatest in paddle design and innovation.  The unique power pocket is designed to provide a solid catch, and also provides stability throughout the power phase of the stroke.  Tested by some of the top paddlers on the planet, the Apex is as good as it gets in paddle design.  It has a 10 degree blade to shaft offset for maximum efficiency.  Legendary foam core blade design for optimal buoyancy and stability.  Lime colored graphics package for high visibility on the water.  Ergonomic carbon fiber grip, designed for maximum comfort and control.  The Classic shaft option is the best suited flex for recreational paddling that has a balanced blend of flex and stiffness for all-around comfort and performance.  The Tech shaft is geared towards top-end performance that has a stiffer shaft then the Classic for more low-end power, best suited for paddlers the paddle hard and fast.  The 91 blade size is best suited for most paddlers, where the 83 and 76 blade size is best suited for smaller body-type paddlers. 

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