Length: 14'

Width: 26"

Volume: 294 liters

Weight: 25 lbs

Construction: SF (Super Fly)

Color: Blue/ Purple 

Brand: SIC

Model: Bayonet

Price: $2979


The premium SIC Bayonet Series is pushing the limits of what is possible in open ocean performance paddling. This 14'0'' x 26" board is for more accomplished and elite paddlers. This board is often used by serious touring and fitness athletes as well.  The Bayonet continues to take top positions at the major open ocean events and channel crossings in Hawaii and around the world. With its strengths in early planing, maneuvering and top-end speed, the Bayonet continues SIC’s legacy of having the fastest open ocean/ downwind boards in the world.  These boards edge well, plane up in sub-twenty mph winds, and stay on glide longer. They do take a bit more agility with the squarer rail shape, which promotes stability on the narrow widths but are not as forgiving as SIC’s Bullet series boards which have a bit more rocker and generous under tuck on the rails. The Bayonet’s lower rocker profile means that the boards are really fast at low speed.

SIC’s highest end SUP construction SUPER FLY (SF) with a full PVC sandwich wrapping the EPS closed-cell water proof core (top, bottom, 360 degree rails) for a light, stiff and damp feeling core. The board is wrapped in carbon and glass providing a world class construction that is strong, light and stiff. Combine with great shapes will make for the highest end boards available on the market. These boards are molded to ensure great lamination strength and that every board is precisely like the master shape, shaped by Mark Raaphorst.


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