Bic ORIGINAL FP - Adjustable

The Bic Original FP features our value priced paddle, perfect for entry-level and recreational use. Excellent value and solid performance at a budget-friendly price. FP - Fiberglass shaft / Polycarbonate blade; Light weight and value-priced, push-pin adjustment.  Extremely smooth and responsive, the perfect size for all-around use.


Proven and reliable, our TwinPin non-mechanical adjustment system is easy to use and extremely reliable. Made of rugged polycarbonate with a rubberized texture for added grip. 


Extensive testing helped us determine the ideal flex pattern for maximum comfort and performance. Adding a bit more flex to the paddle provides positive feedback to the user and maximizes effective power output while reducing stress on joints for longer, more enjoyable paddle sessions.


Material: Fiberglass


Mateial: Polycarbonate

Blade Angle: 10.5°

Adjustable Length: 67"-83"

Blade Size: 90  (Square Inches)

Weight: 36oz


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