Electric SUP Pump - with integrated battery

Ditch the hand pump and save the energy for the paddling!  When it comes to inflatable electric SUP pumps, this is an item that takes a lot of power, and we found for your best long-term value to get a pump that lasts, only the best quality will do!  The Scoprega brand electric pumps are made in Italy with the highest quality components and best quality design on the market.  There are cheaper electric SUP pumps out there, BUT they are just that CHEAP, and they will not last!  

The Scoprega GE 20-2 is a portable, high efficiency, low noise electric pump that stands alone for reliability and function. The GE 20-2 is a twin cylinder, high performance pump that fills quicker than most electric pumps. The pump starts when the ON push button is pressed and automatically switches off when the set pressure in the gauge is reached (Max pressure up to 22 psi).  The GE 20-2 is fully portable since a battery is integrated into the unit (Which can also be replaced by a standard 12 volt, 7-9 amp lead acid battery). In case of the battery getting low on power, it is possible to connect the unit to a cigarette plug or to an external 12V car battery via alligator clips. The battery unit can be recharged by a 110-240Vac adaptor or by a 12Vdc cigarette plug. The INLET PORT is protected by a sand filter, the OUTLET PORT is fitted with a CHECK VALVE. The unit is protected with an automatic thermal shut-off if overheating. A RED Light on the GAUGE will signal that status. When the RED light goes OFF it will be possible to restart the unit.

Note: Keep the battery charged when not in use to prolong battery life. For the first charge, charge the battery 6-10 hours to fully charge. To store the pump for a long period of time without it being used, charge the battery to full and remove the fuse from the back of the pump.



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