Insanity Fiberglass - Adjustable

The Brands Take:

Want a paddle that is light and durable and adjusts in length? Then check out the Kialoa Insanity Fiberglass Adjustable.  This paddle features our durable impact resistant Fiberglass Fibrlite™ blade.  Utilizing post manufacturing (pre-baby) diaper scraps these are the first high performance blades using recycled material. We combine this blade with a light durable fiberglass shaft and top it with our 16" Utili-T™ insert which offers 16" of adjustment and an ergonomic rubber coated ABS T-Grip for paddlers who want to adjust length on the fly or share their paddle with family and friends.

Our Take:

We think this paddle is the best bang for your buck value, for a high quality adjustable paddle for under $200 bucks!  And then figure you are buying from a trusted brand like Kialoa that does nothing but make paddles.  This is the perfect entry level paddle, or the extra paddle you need when Uncle Joe comes to town to take out SUP'n!  This paddle is also bomber durable, smack the blade around all day long, no cracka-lackin here!   

Blade Size: 91  (Square Inches) 

Weight: 25oz.

 Adjustable System: LeverLock with 16" of adjustment from lengths 70" to 86"






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