NSP O2 The Quest

Length: 11'.6"

Width: 39"

Thickness: 5" + 2"

Volume: 340 liters

Construction: FS  

Color: Blue

Brand: NSP

Model: The Quest

Price: $1499


The NSP O2 The Quest is the dedicated SUP platform for explorers on the water.  It’s also the ultimate tool for fishermen who discover their next spot by paddling there on their own power. “The Quest” comes in the premium FS (Fusion) technology.  Voted by Men’s Journal “The Best SUP to Land a Big One”, this exceptional SUP comes equipped with a wide range of features:

Specs of The Quest

– TCT Technology with 3 air chambers creates extra-high side walls
– Fusion reinforced double layer glueless pre-lamination
– 3x standard Scotty accessory mounts on the deck
– 2x 3” round Scotty mounts on nose and tail
– 2x Neoprene paddle holders
– Neoprene carry handle
– 6 point removable cargo straps on nose
– 4 point removable cargo straps on tail
– 4x D-rings for shoulder carry straps
– 6x D-rings on deck for additional attachments (ie seat, icebox)
– 2x D-rings on the tail
– 1x D-ring on nose deck and bottom
– 9” Touring center fin
– GRI triple action pump
– Premium dual compartment wheelie bag with the integrated paddle and pump holder
– Full line of aftermarket accessories available


The Fusion Technology (FS) series is our premium double-layered inflatable technology, built to last. – Glueless reinforced double layer on the deck and bottom. – Dual railbands for stiffness and durability. – 3/4 square groove deck pad for comfort. – D-rings on nose and tail.


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