Performance Tour Cocomat 12.6

Length: 12'.6"

Width: 32"

Thickness: 8.375"

Volume: 316 liters

Weight: 32 lbs

Construction: Coco Mat

Colors Options: Aqua Green/ Orange

Brand: NSP

Model: Performance Tour Coco Mat

Price: $1900

DEMO: $900  




NSP’s CocoMat performance touring board allows you to explore and go further and faster in all water conditions!  Performance Touring range incorporates NSP’s race winning design elements for exceptional glide with touring-specific features.  Stable in all conditions with enough volume to carry extra gear for extended days on the water.  Flat nose and tail deck for gear loading and tail bungy plus FCS insert for attaching a GoPro or GPS.  NSP Touring SUP have extra volume in the nose to support heavy payloads and to ride over chop easily.  Paddlers can appreciate the great tracking and superior handling in cross winds.  CocoMat is the premium model offering the benchmark strength to weight ratio for performance touring.


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