Rip Stick - Adjustable

Type: Adjustable

Adjustable System: LeverLock with 8" of adjustability

Material: Carbon Fiber

Blade Size: 89 (Square Inches)

Shaft Diameter: Standard 

Weight:  20.5 oz.



The Rip Stick adjustable is the answer to what stand up paddle surfers want. More power from a smaller blade. Smaller blade size means a higher cadence for bursts of speed, with a low-profile that won’t trip up when executing turns. To generate more power, we developed an innovative double concave dihedral in the power face of the blade. The power pockets created to accelerate into more waves, outrace outside sets and blast over foam piles, Along with more power the double concave shape of the blade face creates a super stable stroke, for all the crazy angles you find yourself paddling. Coupled with our unique 7 degree blade to shaft offset, softer overall flex and wide range of fit options we now offer the surfer a paddle truly specific to the sport. Read more to see the surf specific designs that let the Rip Stick help you perform at a higher level.  Our innovative double concave dihedral gives our surfing specific Rip Stick a unique feel on the water. While focused on positioning yourself perfectly for a wave you use a variety of strokes, in a variety of angles. No matter how you pull on the Rip Stick the dihedral creates a self-centering dynamic. No matter how you pull on this paddle it will be stable and flutter free. More comfortable and more efficient. It is also configured for power as the concaves create power pockets. This gives maximum power from a low profile blade shape and smaller overall size. Higher cadence for more speed, less blade in the way for cranking through turns.  The innovators of the Long Slender Rectangular blade shape. Copied, but never duplicated, our blade shape is far and away the most gentle on the body, allowing you to enjoy the water all day without feeling beat up tomorrow. A softer feel and higher cadence without having to sacrifice blade surface area.  At our highest level of straight shaft, we use 100% carbon materials. Our design team has ensured that this super light weight material is constructed to be strong, and with comfortable flex. Our craftsman hand assemble each to the level of excellence our customers have come to expect.

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