RS 14 X 26 *2019

Length: 14'

Width: 26"

Volume: 315 liters

Weight: 26 lbs

Construction: SCC - Single Carbon Composite

Color: Red

Brand: SIC

Model: RS **2019

Price: $2399


The premium SIC RS Series (ROCKET SHIP) is a perfect balance of overall volume and foam distribution; the more voluminous bow keeps the board from purling when paddling downwind and through chop. The center-line running down the foredeck sheds water quickly from the deck; geometrically it helps to stiffen the board, which further contributes to the board’s speed. The midsection has a slightly dug out cockpit in the standing area, positioning the paddler closer to the waterline for enhancing stability and power to the board. The cockpit transitions to flat as you move to the tail for unimpeded movement when you step back to pivot turn or when standing on the tail on a downwind run. A wide tail provides for greater stability rail-to-rail and the tail does not bob up and down when paddling with a high cadence stroke. One of the most noticeable design characteristics is the channel on the bottom of the board. This helps to create high pressure under the board, further enhancing stability, directing water flow over the fin and promotes a straighter line through the water, as a straight line is the fastest distance between two points. The boards come complete with EZ-Grab handle, 12K carbon Weedless fin, two race handles, leash plugs for your bungee tie downs and leash attachments on the tail or in front of the standing area. Board features croc skin EVA deck pad, 12K carbon Weedless fin, Gore-Tex breather valve, EZ-Grab handle, multiple leash attachment options, 2 race handles, Cargo Bungee, 4 rail drain holes.

Construction: (SCC) Single Carbon Composite full wrap biaxial carbon with Innegra™ tip, rail and tail reinforcement, PVC reinforced deck.

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