Vibe - Adjustable

Type: Adjustable

Adjustable System: LeverLock with 16" of adjustability

Length range: 68" to 84"

Material: Fiberglass Reinforced Shaft/ Injection Molded Nylon Blade

Blade Size: 100 (Square Inches)

Shaft Diameter: Standard  

Weight: 30.5 oz.


**Also available in: One Piece: $115/ Travel 3 piece: $170


With decades of design experience, we saw a need to innovate blade shape. Our longer, rectangular, slender design is easier on the body with a more gentle catch.  Higher cadence and less fatigue without sacrificing blade size and power.  Dihedral, the ridge down the middle of the power face, allows for smooth and stable forward paddling. A core philosophy for Werner.  Our fiberglass shafts now feature the 16” LeverLock adjustable system. One-size fits paddler heights between 4'10" and 6'2" with easy on-the-fly adjustment.  Injection molded blades are impact and wear resistant. They have light swing weight for the value, while maintaining the design elements that are direct from our more advanced paddles. Smooth, stable strokes for easier paddling.  Our fiberglass shaft gives you light weight and less fatigue, at a more modest price. Standard with the “Tweener” size, it gives a diameter that fits well for all hand sizes.

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