Cruiser/ All Around

Our Cruiser/ All Around SUP's paddle with comfort and stability from flat water, to open ocean cruising, but these are not your typical Cruiser/ All Around shapes!  Because they are designed from some of the top shapers in SUP, you get the top performance from a board that glides fast in flat water/ open ocean, and will also surf too!  We tested every model to ensure they provide the most stability in all conditions.  These models are also the highest grade constructions available in the industry.  With our experience in working with almost every SUP brand under the sun, there is an absolute value in buying the best designed, best quality construction boards that will last you season after season!  This year we have selected the best possible models per board category, to provide you with the best possible stoke for your hard earned money!   

Now don't forget our main game changer, every SUP model you see, you can TEST DRIVE BEFORE YOU BUY!!!

We meet you at the beach and bring SUP TO YOU!