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Since opening in 2013 with a base out of Laguna Beach California, SUP TO YOU has been all about getting you dialed in on the best paddle boards available.  Our missions to be the #1 premier source for providing the most epic board options in SUP and providing the most stellar red-carpet services under the sun!  We service all of South Orange County for paddle board rentals and offer SUP purchases from LA to San Diego with a selection of the best paddle boards around! 


We are especially thankful for the opportunity to serve you, and we greatly appreciate you supporting local business!       


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Best Paddle Boards for Sale

We offer only premium paddle board brands with the latest and greatest innovative boards in SUP.  Whether you're looking for premium paddle board rentals or the best paddle boards to buy, we serve like no other!  We cover all the bases from entry-level price point boards to the most elite boards in SUP.  It's the no-brainer way to buy a SUP!


Paddle Board Rentals 

Three reasons we have the best paddle board rentals in town:

Premium quality boards: Boards that are light and extra stable for the beginner paddle boarder and upgraded boards for the seasoned paddle boarder that has performance in mind!

Flat rat all-day rentals: If you want to have access to your boards for more than an hour or two, this is the greatest deal in town. Plus, you don't have to watch the clock while you enjoy your day in the sun!

Free delivery: Arrange when and where you want us to drop off and when and where to pick up. We meet you at the beach and bring SUP TO YOU!


Laguna Beach magazine interviews Steve of SUP to You

Check out our ARTICLE  on page 28!


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Demo Days with SUP to You showcasing the best paddle boards

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demo days at Dana Beach with SIC SUP

 San Onofre State Beach with Laird

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