About SUP TO YOU and our Paddle Board Services


Since opening in 2013, SUP to YOU is all about getting you dialed in on the best Stand Up Paddleboard.  Our mission: Being the #1 premier source for providing the most epic board options in SUP, and providing the most stellar red carpet services in the land to cover the SUP enthusiast from A to Z.  We service all of South Orange County for Paddle Board Rentals, and for paddle board purchases from LA to San Diego!                


We offer only premium brands with the latest and greatest innovative designs in SUP.  Whether you're looking for the best stand up paddle board to buy or you're looking for paddle board rentals, we've got you covered! We cover all the bases from entry-level price point boards, to the most elite boards in SUP (but even our price-point boards are top design, top construction SUP's, no need to buy online or from some warehouse to get a deal, we can get you top quality SUP's in the same price range!).  And we don't have to push one board over another, you pick it, you paddle it, you love it, the no-brainer way to buy SUP!

Select the boards you want to try online, sign up for your test drive, and we'll meet you at the beach and bring SUP TO YOU!


Paddle Board Rental Info


Three reasons we have the best paddle board rentals  around. 

  1. The best sups to rent- premium quality boards! Which is great if you're just beginning and it's awesome if you're a seasoned boarder.
  2. Flat rate for unlimited time frame per day- everyone else charges by the hour.
  3. Free delivery- arrange when and where we drop them off and when and where we pick them up.


Test Ride Info

And our stand up paddle board rental program is the best- seriously hands down! We offer for you to go paddle as long as you want for the day and we deliver your paddle boards to you and pick them up.  Tell us when and where to drop them and when where to pick them up at the end of your adventure for the day.