Floating Hammock

Size: 8' and 10' Diameter

Weight Capacity: 700 lbs **8' - 1200 lbs **10'

Inflation: 15 psi

Construction: Welded Seams & Single PVC Layer Drop Stitch + Durable Plastic Mesh Center

Color: Tan

Brand: Nixy

Price: $795 / 8'   $895/ 10'


Dive into aquatic bliss with the inflatable floating hammock!  It's your golden ticket to versatile, hassle-free water adventures!  Crafted with welded seams and a rugged PVC drop-stitch material that ensures enduring performance in any aquatic setting for years to come.


Peak Safety and Durability: Built with welded seams for exceptional durability and safety, ensuring a reliable companion for all aquatic adventures.

Soft and Comfortable EVA UV Protect Pad: Enhanced with our soft UV protected pad for added comfort and protection against the elements, ensuring a luxurious floating experience.

Enhanced Accessibility:  Equipped with multiple grab handles, D-rings and M8 action mounts, which allows you to attach accessories such as cup holders, fishing rods, and camera

holders, enhancing your aquatic adventures with convenience and versatility.

Portable: Lightweight yet sturdy construction makes transportation a breeze, while quick setup maximizes fun on the water.

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