Paddle Board Rental Newport Beach

With the plethora of SUP-friendly adventure opportunities within reach in the Newport Beach area, there are also many options for paddle board rentals.

Did you know that all SUP rental packages are NOT created equal? Aside from the obvious price-factor, there are also several other key features that should be considered for the most epic day on the water. So here is a concise guide to finding yourself the perfect setup for paddle board rental Newport Beach!

Finding the Best Paddle Board Rental Newport Beach

Quality of SUP Board and Accessories

A SUP board is a SUP board is a SUP board is…..??

This could not be further from the truth! And the quality and type of equipment you use can make a huge difference to your paddle boarding experience, whether you are brand new to the sport or are a seasoned paddler.

For your next Newport paddle boarding rental, make sure you’re getting a premium, well-shaped SUP board with a quality light-weight paddle, and not an assembly-line knock-off to feel the difference in your paddling experience. You will find better balance, glide, ease of paddling, and a much better day overall!

SUP Rental Deliveries

SUP boards are generally quite large and cumbersome, making logistics for transportation no easy feat. If you can find a paddle board rental Newport Beach outfitter that is either on the beach or will deliver and pick up the equipment to your paddling location, this will make your day a lot less complicated and leave you more time for enjoyment!

Some outfitters may even drop off and pick up at two different locations to allow you to enjoy a paddle from point A to point B without the hassle of transportation logistics. Now there’s a bonus!

SUP Rental by Time?

Most paddle board rentals are charged at an hourly rate, which is a great deal if they are located on site and you’re only looking to try out a short paddle right in front of the shop.

However, if you want to have access to a paddle board for multiple hours or even a full day, this kind of package can quickly add up in $$$. Some people may enjoy going out for multiple short paddles while hanging out on the beach, or you may be up for a SUP adventure to explore the different parts of Newport Beach by water from the Back Bay to Balboa Island and Peninsula, and even out into the open ocean.

If this is you, it will be worth looking for a SUP shop that provides flat daily rates. Not only will this be kinder on your pocket, but you’ll also have peace of mind knowing there’s no danger of going “over time” and having to pay penalties!

The Extra Mile

Depending on the type of SUP day you are planning, there may be other products and services to help enhance your experience. If you’re a first timer, ask if they can provide a free mini “SUP lesson” to give you some tips and pointers on correct paddling technique. If you want the option of leaving the board for a period to grab some lunch, explore by foot, or for any other reason, ask if they have a locking mechanism to secure the equipment while you’re gone. Make sure the SUP board has bungees to secure your water, sunscreen, and other essentials while you’re on the water.

A good Newport paddle boarding rental outfitter should be equipped to cater for your needs on your SUP adventure day! Make sure you find a SUP shop that will go the extra mile so you can have an epic day on the water!

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