Paddle Boarding Newport Beach to Laguna | Unforgettable Excursion

Paddle boarding Newport Beach is such a blessing and a treat, and we’ve recently talked a little bit about some epic destinations with only brief mentions of open water excursion possibilities. Today, we’ll delve into some of the logistical details to consider when taking an open water excursion, and particularly when paddle boarding Newport Beach to Laguna.

Depending on your level of skill and experience, paddle boarding Newport Beach to Laguna may be anywhere from a half to full day trip. We don’t recommend this for total beginners, but if you have some experience paddle boarding Newport Beach’s coves and harbors, have ventured out on short paddles into the open ocean, and feel an itch to go a little further, you may just be ready for paddle boarding Newport Beach to Laguna!

The first order of business is to check out the weather conditions. High winds and strong currents can cause rough, choppy waters, making paddle boarding very difficult, and large ocean swells can make landing or launching off a beach cumbersome at best and even treacherous in some cases. Note that winds are generally stronger in the afternoons, and early mornings usually offer the best paddle boarding conditions with glassy water surfaces.

We’ve specifically titled this article “paddle boarding Newport Beach to Laguna” rather than vice versa, since this is precisely the direction we would recommend. Firstly, paddling from north to south is usually much easier due to the southward direction of the current. Secondly, Newport Harbor offers so many great SUP launch-points that don’t require you to deal with oncoming waves.

If you’re doing the excursion with your own paddle board, you’ll need to figure out some logistics for transport back to Newport once you’re done with your southward paddle (unless you plan to do a round-trip, in which case I would recommend that you start in Laguna so you have the current in your favor on your return journey when you’re more tired).

If your party has multiple vehicles to work with, this is obviously an easier task. Just make sure both vehicles can transport all the SUP boards, gear, and people. If you’re working with a single vehicle but have two or more people, you could drop your friend off at your launch point with the SUP boards, find all-day parking at Laguna close to your final destination, then catch a taxi or Uber back to the launch point.

For those paddling alone, I would recommend setting yourself up with a system that allows you to lock your SUP board to a nearby railing while you drop your vehicle off.

If you don’t have your own paddle boards, or if the logistics of transportation just seem too much for you, you can try a Newport Beach SUP rental! You want to look for a SUP rental company that offers quality SUP boards to give you stability in the open ocean and provides delivery to various locations so you can have your boards dropped to you at your launch point and picked up at your final destination.

SUP to You has one of the best value Newport Beach SUP rental programs with a flat rate all day, free delivery and pick-up, as well as a locking system. This means you don’t have to be concerned about paying extra for delays or for your delivery, and you don’t need to stay with the SUP board until somebody comes to pick them up.

Once you’ve launched out of Newport Harbor, you’ll see Corona del Mar State Beach followed by Little Corona del Mar, then two arched rock formations. Past the second arched rock is where Crystal Cove State Park begins. The Park offers several beaches, tide pools, snorkeling opportunities, and a couple of great eateries for lunch. Check out our blog about Crystal Cove State Park for more details about each beach and their unique characteristics!

After the Park, you’ll technically be in the city of Laguna Beach where you’ll see a series of smaller coves before you reach the main beach. Landing your SUP at the Laguna beaches is relatively easy with minimal wave activity. Just make sure you watch for swimmers - the lifeguards here are usually quite helpful in directing you when they see you come in as well.

While you could potentially land at any of the coves along the way, I usually paddle all the way to the main beach for some dinner. There are a couple of great restaurants right on the beach where you can enjoy great food and a refreshing bubbly with a gorgeous California sunset – the perfect way to end a summer’s eve of paddle boarding Newport Beach to Laguna in my opinion!