Paddle Board Through the Fall and Winter Months

There's a common misconception that supping is strictly a summer sport, but for the SoCal region, this couldn’t be further from the truth! Here are a few key reasons why:

  • Unlike inland SoCal, temperatures along the SoCal coastline remain moderate throughout the year. At Newport Beach, for example, average highs during the warmest months of August and September are around 72°F whereas average highs in the coldest months of January and February sit at around 63°F. With these temperatures and SoCal’s sunny skies, you can pretty much SUP in your trunks all year round, or just throw on a rash guard or light wetsuit if you're like me and more prone to feeling the cold.
  • Unlike surfing or swimming, stand up paddle boarding keeps you on the water rather than in it. If you do happen to fall in, water temperatures during the coldest months don’t get much below 57°F which might just be perfectly refreshing when you’ve been working up a sweat with all that paddling!
  • The best-kept secrets about fall and winter paddle boarding are the optimal wind and water conditions. Winds tend to still during these months, and the water surfaces are glassy allowing for easier paddling and clean gliding. This is also the best time for paddle board surfing with larger, cleaner waves at most of your favorite surf spots! 

So don't shy away from some paddle boarding fun this fall and winter!