Performance Touring Cocoflax 14

Length: 14'

Width: 30"

Thickness: 8.375"

Volume: 332 liters

Weight: 33 lbs

Construction: Cocoflax

Colors Options: Flax Blue

Brand: NSP

Model: Performance Tour Cocoflax

Price: $2200

**DEMO: $1700 



The NSP Performance Tour Cocoflax incorporates NSP’s race winning design elements for exceptional glide with touring-specific features.  Uniquely designed for stability in all conditions with enough volume to carry extra gear for day trips adventures on the water.  Flattened nose and tail deck areas for gear loading, plenty of insert points for attaching your gear with nose and tail bungee plus FCS insert for attaching a GoPro or GPS.  Added volume in the nose to support heavy payloads and to ride over chop easily.  Paddlers will appreciate the great tracking and superior handling in crosswinds.  

The proprietary Cocoflax construction is a game-changer blend of strength and lightweight that no other board on the market has! The Cocoflax is NSP’s most environmentally-friendly construction with natural flax fiber on the rails. This breakthrough technology is also awarded at the 2019 Paddle Expo as “Product of the Year”, and continues to take the SUP world by storm with its formidable strength-to-weight ratio, ding resistance, its green roots and surprising performance package.  The EPS core is a closed cell water proof core.  Premium performance shape with a premium quality construction get's you the best in class SUP on the market!


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