Newport Beach Paddle Boarding: SUP Delivered to Lido and Balboa Islands and Peninsula

No matter what kind of paddle boarding experience you’re looking for, Newport Beach probably has something for you. Whether you’re looking for tranquil back bay waters to go for a relaxing paddle, or you want to enjoy the lively boat scene of the harbor, go for a sunset paddle in the open ocean, or catch some waves on your surf SUP, Newport’s diverse offerings have satisfied many SUP enthusiasts.

Today, we’ll explore some Newport Beach paddle boarding ideas around the bay including Lido Isle, Balboa Island, and Balboa Peninsula. The two islands are located within the bay with the peninsula protecting them from open ocean to provide relatively calm conditions for flat water paddlers in the bay and some epic waves can be found on the southern side for SUP surfers. Whether you’re looking to paddle around for a couple of hours, take a full day paddling excursion, or ride some legendary waves, it’s hard to beat this world class Newport Beach paddle boarding destination!

A great way of checking out neighborhoods during your Newport Beach paddle boarding experience is to paddle around one or both islands, making pit stops for some grub or a cold beer and venturing into the streets for some light exploration. Balboa Island’s Marine Avenue offers some great eateries, and if you still have some energy after an all-day paddle, Balboa Peninsula’s bars and breweries could be the perfect way to finish out your evening.

If you do plan on taking some land excursions during your paddle, you’ll want to make sure you have something to secure your paddle board and SUP paddle with. Some SUP rental outfitters may offer locks just for this purpose. Also, don’t forget to pack plenty of water and sunscreen for the day, as well as some snacks and meals if you don’t have the means to lock your paddle board. Dry bags will come in handy for your all-day paddle and allow you to pack some clothes for your land excursions as well. Being prepared for your day of Newport Beach paddle boarding will make your experience that much more enjoyable!

For those of you feeling up to some more adventure, or a change of scenery, you can try paddling north into the Upper Newport Bay or south into the open ocean. The Upper Newport Bay is a State Marine Conservation Area that offers a tranquil atmosphere with some serious bird watching opportunities. There are also fewer boats, so the water tends to be much calmer and more suitable for newbies.

Venturing south of the peninsula into the open ocean? Be aware of boat traffic in and out of the harbor and keep an eye on wind conditions. Once out of the bay, you could take a leisurely sunset paddle to enjoy the vast expanse of ocean with the beautiful colors of the Southern California sunset as your backdrop. Or you may want to consider taking a tour up or down the coast to either Huntington Beach or Laguna Beach for an all-day affair. There are particularly numerous coves and secluded beaches to be enjoyed between Newport and Laguna with the lure of some amazing restaurants at the end of your journey. Of course, don’t forget that you have to paddle back, unless you’ve made other transportation arrangements!

If surfing’s more your thing, Balboa Peninsula has you covered as well! The south side of the peninsula is home to many of Newport’s famous surf spots beginning with Blackies to the west and ending with the Wedge at its southeastern edge. In fact, this topic might just require an article of its own ~~

So, if you live close by or you’re visiting from elsewhere, don’t skip the opportunity for an epic Newport Beach paddle boarding experience in the Bay with Lido Isle, Balboa Island, and Balboa Peninsula. You can also hit us up for your gear if you need and we’ll even bring SUP to You complete with free delivery and flat-rate, all-day SUP rental!