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These are the latest and greatest innovative shapes on the planet!  

These are the game-changer sup surf boards

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We are a full service outfitter and we carry the best surf sup boards and sup surf paddles and surf equipment.

The brands we carry are the industry standard best; they are designed and built to perform! 




 Not only that, we have several unique benefits to offer:

Quality Surf Paddle Board Rentals

We have the ultimate performance Surf Sups that you can take on the water for the day!

  • Flat Fee for as long as you're planning to be out on the water per day.
  • Free Delivery and Pick Up.  Pre-Arrange for us to get the boards to you and pick them up when and where you want.

Test Drive Programs

You can pick out multiple, top of the line paddle boards and then try them all side by side before you buy. You can see which surf brands and models perform best for you. If you are going to spend quality time out on the water, you want the best quality board which will give you the best quality experience!

We Offer:


 Help You Sell Program

Say you started off on an entry-level stand up paddle board, and now you're ready to sell your used paddle boards and upgrade to the latest and greatest SUP, we've got you covered!