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At SUP TO YOU, we've put together the most meticulously selected SUP board offerings in the land!

We provide the best innovative paddle board options to cater to the widest variety of people and abilities!


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There are so many reasons to be out on the water on a paddle board experiencing the unique perspective of standing on the water and being mobile. The options are abundant, from our local harbors, to the OC coastline and surf spots!

A man and his best friend on his SUP board

The great thing is that pretty much anyone can get up on SUP, from kids to retirees, even complete beginners can have a great time from their very first day. You can go it alone, with friends, as a couple or as a family. It can be just you and your board or you can choose boards that can accommodate supplies (like a dry-bag full of goodies for instance), your dog, and even a grom or two. With such versatility and fun to be had, it's no wonder why stand up paddle boarding is the fastest growing water sport in the world!

Family enjoying stand up paddle board.

SUP boarding can bring you everything from the excitement of SUP racing and SUP surfing to the peace of paddle board yoga or fishing SUP and fun in the sun with friends. If it’s the discovery side that interests you, you can take paddle excursions visiting different points of interests between Los Angeles and Orange County or even go on an extended camping trip along the California coastline with all your gear aboard your SUP!

Couple enjoying sunset on their paddle board.

Are you looking for the best SUP for surfing? How about the best SUP performance board, or the best fishing SUP? Maybe you are just getting started and want to purchase one that you can improve on? No matter what your interest is and what type of paddle boarding experience you are looking for, we can help you get dialed in on the SUP board best suited for your adventure!


Entry-Level Cruiser SUP

No need to buy online or from some warehouse to get a deal!  We carry cruiser SUP boards designed for entry-level paddlers, so let us provide you with your PREMIUM BRAND and TOP QUALITY board with FANTASTIC VALUE for season after season of STOKE!  


Elite Performance SUP

This is one of our top selling categories because it gives you the ultimate in glide and speed!  Our performance SUP boards are the most elite, one-of-a-kind innovations in design so they perform like no other.   Designed for the ultimate in speed that cut smoothly through chop to paddle in all water types conditions, and they are the next generation in design of stand up paddle boards. It is a beautiful thing to fly on the water! 



If you're wanting to paddle a variety of waterscapes from harbors to open ocean, a premium cruiser SUP board will be a great choice. These boards paddle with comfort and stability on all types of water, but they are not your typical cruiser shapes.  They are designed by some of the top shapers in the industry, you get the top performance and light weight from a board that glides fast in both flat water and open ocean! We tested every model to ensure they provide the most stability in all conditions, so the whole family can enjoy these user-friendly boards.


Premium Touring SUP

If you’re looking to paddle distances and go exploring with the ultimate in glide AND stability, this is your board. Touring SUP Boards are designed to be stable and easily paddled for distances. They are great for getting an amazing cardiovascular workout as well as for building endurance and core muscle strength. Paddling these boards uses just about every muscle set in your body.

Tour boards are generally thicker, wider, and longer, which means they can also accommodate extra weight and gear. This makes them ideal for loading up with all your favorite goodies for a full day of exploring the coastline. They are also shaped with a Vee shaped nose for gliding speed and straight tracking so you can get more strokes per side for the ultimate in efficiency on the water.

One of our favorite things to do is pack a lunch, paddle to multiple beach spots, fill back up the tank with some good eats, and then get back on the water till sunset - an EPIC day on the water!

Tell us what types of adventures you're looking for on your board and we can help you find the perfect board match. What are some ideas for a great exploration? How about paddling from Newport Beach to Laguna Beach, or even all the way down to Dana Point and San Clemente?  Let the SUP expeditions begin!

Lady carving on her surf SUP

Performance Surf SUP

First of all, SUP Surfing is not just for experienced surfers. We have surf SUP boards for all experience levels, and though we deal exclusively in premium boards, they come in all price ranges! And we believe that if you’re going to buy a board, we will provide the most options with the best bang for your buck.

Surf SUP boards are uniquely shaped and designed for high performance so they can maneuver easily, carve and make quick turns, and won’t nose dive dropping into the waves. With the most innovative surf shapes around, our surf SUP boards are basically surf boards with a extra volume and width so you can stand on them in between shredding waves! 

That being said, surf SUP board sizes and shapes range greatly based on ability, size and weight of the surfer, and wave types you will be surfing. It is often a process to choose the right board that is best suited for you. The good news is that we have outfitted hundreds of of paddle surfers to get right where you want to be!  Our expertise will get you dialed into the best suited surf SUP board, and line you up into the best possible SUP SURF STOKE pole position!

Two friends enjoying their inflatable paddle boards

Inflatable SUP

You can't get any more convenient than an inflatable paddle board. You can fit it in a bag, store it in the trunk of your car, take it on your flight to Hawaii without oversize charges…..SUP DONE!  Solves your stand up paddle board storage and transportation problems in a snap!

And these are not your typical raft-like banana-boat inflatable SUPs that ride bouncy, bend easily, and are less stable like the cheap-O ones you see on the internet. Our inflatable paddle board offerings are the top construction, latest and greatest products you can find anywhere!  They are designed with amazing rigidity so they are firm, stable, and extremely responsive.  Buy a premium branded, real deal quality inflatable SUP, for the real deal inflatable SUP value!

Man and his dog on a fishing SUP with all his gear

SUP Fishing

Changing the fishing game, one SUP at a time!  Paddle into your fishing spot like a stealth ninja, have all your gear on your board, and get the ultimate view down below!  Ditch the 70 lbs. kayak, and get on board with the fastest growing segment to hit the fishing sportsman world, SUP FISHING!  The ultimate lightweight, mobile fishing platform!

young lady practicing SUP yoga

Paddle Board Yoga

Get out of the BOX and into nature!  Experience yoga on an exponentially higher level, and take your yoga studio to the water!  Paddle board yoga will change your Yogi Game!  A much different experience on many levels than inside on a stationary surface. It’s fun, it’s challenging and it’s very peaceful. Our SUP boards are designed to be stable, comfortable, and light weight so they are easy to transport and perfect to extend your yoga experience.

Man getting his stoke on with foiling


Foiling is blowing up at the local water break, and our premium brands have the next generation foil boards to get you up and flying on water NOW!  Give us a call direct and we will help you select your perfectly suited board size to get you into your top-game foil sessions!  Get a premium real-deal foil board to get you in the real-deal foil game!

Man paddling with top quality Werner paddle

SUP Paddles

When it comes to SUP paddles, it’s definitely not a one size fits all! Our premium paddles all feature advanced design so that your paddle experience will be as good as it gets!  They are balanced and calibrated for smooth stroke and minimal fatigue. There are many options and variables including variations in materials, length, grip, shape of the shaft, as well as shape and design of blades. It’s crucial to get the best suited paddle that will make paddling effortless, so you can SUP longer, not harder!  As experts in SUP, we can definitely help you find the right SUP paddle for you!

Paddle Board Accessories

Paddle Board Accessories & Gear 

Yes, it’s all about the quality gear, and we have all the best paddle board accessories and gear you will ever need.  In any sport you have the main essentials and then there are the must-have's accessories. And since we are a REAL-DEAL SUP shop, we will hook you up to cover everything you need from SUP A to SUP Z!


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