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We are serious about being the #1 premier source for bringing the perfect SUP TO YOU.







Premium Paddle Board Brands


The brands we carry are the industry standard best; they are designed and built to perform!  Spend your hard earned money on premium branded, premium quality, premium designed SUPs!




 Test ride multiple paddle boards side by side.





Are you telling me that I can go on your website, or go to your Saturday Demo Day, and pick out multiple, top of the line Paddle Boards on the planet, and then try them all out side-by side before I buy??? That's what we're telling you!  If you are going to spend your quality time on the water, you might as well do it on the best quality boards, for your best quality experience!








You can hand select paddle board models you want to test ride before you buy from us. Select the boards you want to try online, sign up for your SUP Test Drive, and we'll meet you at the beach and bring SUP TO YOU!








We will get you fully outfitted- from getting you dialed in with your best suited paddle, to all the proper gear and accessories, to how to best transport your paddle board, and we'll even install SUP racks in your garage, for FREEEEE!  (and no we ain't sellin mattresses!)  We are all about rolling out the stand up paddle board red carpet when it comes to full service, so you are covered from SUP A to SUP Z!

SUP to You demo days in Dana Point California







For those who are just getting into the sport and don't want to just randomly buy some paddleboard online, or from some warehouse, or for those who bought their first beginner board and are ready for the next generation real deal paddle board, SUP TO YOU Saturday Demo Days is for you!  Come on down to this FREE event and test out the latest and greatest boards, EVERY Saturday at Dana Point Baby Beach!


Quality sup rentals at Sup to You







We have the ultimate paddle board rental offerings that we will deliver for FREE!  Choose from Premium SUPs, Upgrade SUPs, Performance SUPs, and Performance Surf SUPs! 





Sup to You's free delivery service







Like the idea of having SUP delivered to your doorstep?  Now you're getting it, we bring SUP TO YOU! We service all of Orange County (And can deliver from LA to San Diego for a large group!)              

*Free delivery service is included with any SUP rental or purchase from SUP TO YOU!


Paddle board upgrade program at Sup to You.






Sup to You will help you to sell your used paddle boards.

Say you started off on an entry-level stand up paddle board, and now you're ready to sell your used paddle boards and upgrade to the latest and greatest SUP, we've got you covered!  We will set you up with one of our shop partners that will help you sell your used paddle board by placing ads, dealing with all the haggling, and line you up with a buyer! The deal is, we help you sell your old sup, you come in to our shop and we help you pick out the new primo paddleboard to continue your paddle boarding venture!