sup-pics-private-demo.jpg **SUP DEMO DAYS are off till April 3rd 2021

BUT we will still be offering Private Demos!

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8AM to 3PM


Come on down to the North end of Baby Beach and look for us on the grass area right behind the beach, and we will be offering ONE-ON-ONE PRIVATE DEMO'S all day!


We provide our Private Demo Program for serious buyers getting into the sport and in the market to buy their best suited SUP!  You can try out different SUP types and models to compare and determine which SUP is best suited for you!

You can also PRE-BOOK an appointment here:



If you are going to spend your hard-earned money and quality time on the water, you might as well do it on the best quality boards, for your best quality experience!  


Every Saturday we have our SUP DEMO DAYS. This is a FREE event set aside for serious buyers getting into the sport and in the market to buy their best suited SUP!  You can try out all the different SUP types and models to compare and determine which paddleboard is best suited for you!  So if you are just getting into the sport, or are looking to upgrade your beginner board to a real-deal SUP with the latest and greatest lighter, better gliding designs, we can get the perfect SUP TO YOU! We will have our canopy set up at 9 am to 3 pm with demo boards ready to be test ridden.  This is the absolute NO-BRAINER way for those who are looking to purchase the right stand up paddle board!



We only sell the best premium brands in stand up paddle board: SIC, NSP, Surftech, Quatro, Werner paddle board paddles, FCS paddle board fins, and many more! Demo days give you the opportunity to try all our different premium brands and styles. You can actually test drive the stand up paddle board you are considering buying. You can try them side by side so you can see the differences in how they feel and how they perform for you. You will be able to compare and contrast the stability, responsiveness and performance of the various styles and designs.


Scheduling a time to demo the different boards is a good idea to secure that the paddleboards will be available when you want to test them, you can call us up at 949-715-7300 Otherwise, you can just show up as appointments are not required.  Figure the water is the most calm in the early morning with less wind making it much easier to paddle while testing out boards.  


  • It is a great place for people who are ready to purchase their first SUP just getting into the sport to try different boards and see how they feel and perform for you on the water. You won’t have to randomly buy some sup online and hope it ends up performing for you the way you want. We can help you find the best suited sup right on the spot!
  • And this event is also for those who bought their first beginner board and are now ready for the next generation real deal SUP
  • This is perfect for advanced paddle boarders who want to test drive the most elite performance boards anywhere, side-by side!
  • Also perfect if you want to try a completely different kind of sup than you’re used to and to see if it would work for you. For instance you can try performance sup if you’ve never been on one and see how it feels and performs

We have lots of fun at these events; it’s a great sup community! Come on down to Baby Beach at Dana Point Harbor and lets get you perfectly suited for your ultimate SUP!

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