When searching for the best value in a stand up paddle board, price isn't the only thing...


Epic paddle boarding experiences come from having premium sup equipment that is suitable for the occasion. Furthermore, not all equipment is created equal. It is a good idea to research all the different board types on our website before investing into a new stand up paddle board or a board upgrade, and then circle back to test drive them before you buy them!  Some of the items to think about in your research are innovative design shape, top quality construction, dimensions, weight, performance, durability, and cost.


In our research for the types of boards to carry and as avid paddle boarders ourselves, trying out many brands, styles and types of SUPs we have come to realize that quality boards compared to cheap paddle boards do make a substantial and noticeable difference with overall performance, glide, durability and weight. Besides, lugging around heavy, cheap paddle boards from the car to the water became quite tiresome since the materials used in cheap brands are much heavier. Heavy boards cause extra drag in the water, which takes extra energy to make the board glide, making it harder to paddle. Additionally, cheap paddle boards have the reputation of rapidly wearing down after a season or two.

As a result, we choose to only deal exclusively in premium boards and gear for several reasons.



The sup equipment we carry is designed by the top shapers in the industry, which provides you the top performance on the water. The paddle board brands we carry conduct the most extensive R&D where the shaper and the team riders work together to test multiple shape proto-types before coming up with their final master shape for production. They research, experiment and fine tune and refine. They explore and manipulate shape and design with extreme precision. The equipment is tried and tested and proven season after season.





Part of the research and fine-tuning process is spent on high-tech construction materials and production techniques. These private designers concentrate on research and development. It is important to them that the equipment is durable and strong with just the right amount of flex keeping the optimal weight for buoyancy and performance. These premium stand up paddle boards are built to last, and to withstand impact and from cracking or pealing.



Quality sup boards are cost effective too. They have lasting value where cheap paddle boards may need to be replaced after a season or two. We all know it’s virtually always true that you get what you pay for. That being said, quality boards tend to have better overall value especially when you consider the minimal price difference between quality versus cheap sups. And we have all the price points covered while offering premium brands! Real-Deal Value!


Most of the cheap price point paddle boards are traditionally assembly-line made in factories in China. So even though these boards may look good on the outside, the boards are not designed anything close to the premium branded boards, and don’t function as well either because they are merely knock off copies made to look like the professional shaped, premium construction boards. Quality control seems to be less than par with these knock-off paddle boards (often with manufacturer blemishes). And cheap paddle boards are known to wear down rapidly. We hear this from people quite often.



 We want you to have a good experience on the water! And we can guarantee an overall better experience with our paddle board equipment, which is designed with things in mind like top construction with best gliding abilities. Technical difficulties and faulty design can ruin a great adventure pretty fast. SUP to You is dedicated to catering to you and your ability to progress quickly in the sport and have fun while you’re doing it. We believe in quality time on the water, on the best quality board, for the best quality experience!


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