Q:  I'm ready to buy my first standup paddleboard, but with so many different choices and options, I don’t know which product to buy. How do I decide?

A:  This may just be the most epic experience you have ever had buying anything!  At SUP to You, we will ensure that you select the best-suited SUP to purchase with our “Test Drive Before You Buy” programs!  You will get the opportunity to test out multiple standup paddleboards side-by-side to make sure you buy the perfect SUP! 


SUP boards lined up for demo on Demo Day




Q:  I am not ready to purchase a paddleboard just yet.  From my understanding, your SUP rental program delivers my board to the beach, and includes a free mini-lesson paddle clinic. Is that correct?

A:  We have the most stellar SUP rental program for the best way to try stand up paddle boarding, or for those who just want to rent instead of buy.  Having your best experience starts with having the best equipment.  Our SUP rental fleet are built with the highest quality SUP boards available to provide the most stability and comfort.  They're the latest in SUP design, which makes them easier to glide and therefore easier to paddle! 

We also set you up with an unlimited timeline/ daily flat rate, so you can take your time to learn at your own pace instead of chasing the clock on some hourly deal!  We will ensure to get you off on the right SUP foot as your SUP rental also includes a mini-lesson/ paddle clinic, teaching you all you need to know to have an epic stand up paddle boarding experience! 

    GET THE 411 HERE!

Group of friends enjoy their SUP rentals




Q:  I love stand up paddle boarding and would love to buy my own SUP, but I don’t own a truck or SUV and have no way to transport it with my sedan. How can I transport my standup paddleboard?

A:  You don’t need a truck or SUV to transport your SUP!  We have multiple rack kit options so you can put a standup paddleboard on any car with four doors! 


Car SUP rack for any vehicle with four doors





Q:  That’s great to know that I can get a SUP on my four-door sedan, but I have found that lifting a heavy standup paddleboard on top of the roof of my car is cumbersome. Is there an alternative?

A:  We have multiple premium SUP board options that have specialty light-weight constructions (as light as 23 lbs!), to easily get your standup paddleboard on the roof of your ride!  We also can show you a proven way where you can slide your board from the back of your car onto the roof, so there is no need to lift it over your head!






Q:  The area where I like to paddle has long stairs to the water.  Sometimes I need to park far away from the beach and carry my standup paddleboard a long distance. Do you offer any solutions?

A:  No worries, all you need is our premium SUP carrier!  Our SUP carrier fully adjusts, keeping your paddleboard high off the ground no matter your height. With the heavily padded shoulder strap, it takes the load off your arm so you can save your energy for paddling.  The SUP carrier strap even holds your SUP paddle!


Woman carrying board and paddle to the beach with SUP carrier




Q:  I see that you have many options for SUP paddles;- one piece, two piece adjustable, etc.  As an entry-level paddler, should I get an entry-level paddle, or should I consider a premium SUP paddle?

A:  Having outfitted hundreds of people on standup paddleboards and SUP paddles throughout the years, we can walk you through all the parameters of what would be the best long-term suited paddle choice, which may not be the same for everybody.  And then of course you get to make your final decision by testing out all the different paddle types, as we have a demo SUP paddle for every paddle model we sell!


Premium SUP paddle by Starboard




Q:  I’m concerned about storing my new standup paddleboard as I don’t have a lot of extra space. What do you recommend?

A:  We have all the different SUP rack types to squeeze your paddle board into even the tightest of places!  When we deliver your new standup paddleboard to your doorstep, we can also help you to explore all of your options for storage. Plus, all our SUP rack systems are easy to install.  


Ceiling mount paddle board storage rack saves space




Q:  I want to protect my new standup paddleboard. Should get a SUP cover or bag?

A: We would look at it like this. If you plan to carry your standup paddleboard in places that you could potentially bang it up, or you want the ultimate in protection, then our premium padded SUP bags are the way to go.  Otherwise, if the board is going from the SUP rack at the house, to the car rack, to the water and back with no obstacles, then the SUP cover is all you would need. 

Another biggie is our SUP covers are UV rated, as the harsh sun is a major wear-and-tear to any SUP, especially when it's cooking on top of your car roof as you drive to the sandbox!


UV rated SUP cover bag




Q:  What is the deal with the snap-in fin? Do I need that?

A:  Your new standup paddleboard comes with a fixed fin that you screw into the fin box.  It is standard maintenance to periodically remove your fin from the fin box, as sand and grime can accumulate.  If you don’t remove the fin periodically, there may come a time that trying to remove it becomes mission impossible! 

With the snap-in fin, you can easily remove it each time you get out of the water.  It is also very convenient if you are stacking boards on your roof rack for the best tight stacking practices, or if the fin is sticking out and in the way for storage.  The FCS II fins are also especially designed for increased performance and available in three construction options. 


Snap-on SUP fin by FCS




Q:  I like the idea of bringing my keys, wallet, and even cell phone with me while I’m on the water paddle boarding, but are your dry bags really waterproof?

A:  Yes, they truly are!  The key for any gear is that it should be premium quality for the real-deal long-term value!  Our small and large waterproof dry bags are made with the highest-grade materials, and our waterproof cell phone case allows you to text or talk through the case, and even take pictures while enjoying an epic SUP day on the water!


Dry bag to store valuables while on the water




Q:  I am not looking to surf with my standup paddleboard. Do I still need a leash?

A:  Having a leash on your standup paddleboard is like having a seatbelt on your car!  Say you are on the water and all of a sudden, the wind starts howling out of nowhere, you fall off your SUP and your board goes sailing off. With no leash to help you reunite with your board, this is not the position you ever want to be in! 

We advise to always wear a leash, or at a minimum have one attached to your SUP at all times, so you are ready to put it on if the weather suddenly turns.



FCS premium SUP leash  




Q:  I think that locking up my SUP would be a smart move, and I see you have multiple options.  What SUP locking systems are best for what scenarios?

A:  The Kanu Locks work best for locking your SUP to a car rack, so if you wanted to go grab a bite after a long session, you can come back to your car and be confident that your SUP will still be there!  The Docks Locks can also work on a car rack but can also be used to lock up your SUP to a tree or dock.  And then check out the Key Vault which is like a real-estate lock box for somewhere to put your keys when you go out on the water! 


KanuLock to lock your paddle board to your car rack



Q:  Often when I am out stand up paddle boarding, I see some people wearing a PFD (Personal Flotation Device), and some people are not. Why is that, and are they necessary?

A:  A standup paddleboard is considered a vessel, just like a kayak.  To follow the rules and regulations of being on the water while on your paddle board, children 13 years old and younger must wear a PFD, whereas anyone 14 or older must have a PFD aboard their vessel (and in our case, strapped to the paddle board). 

We advise that all paddle boarders on the water should always wear their PFD for the utmost safety measures.  Our PFD’s are compact and lightweight, strapping around your waist for the most comfort and mobility while stand up paddle boarding.


Couple stand up paddle boarding with PFDs strapped to their waist




Q:  Your SUP Purchasing Perks program mentions getting rail tape installed on my new standup paddleboard on the house. That is awesome, but what is it for?

A:  Most of the wear-and-tear of your SUP comes from your paddle whacking the side rails of your paddle board, so it’s a no-brainer to put rail tape on the rails of a brand-new standup paddleboard!  Our clear rail tape will protect the rails of your board to keep them from chipping paint, making mega scuff marks, and wearing down the epoxy layer.  And we don’t just use any rail tape, we only use the best RS Pro rail tape, which is the most bomber durable SUP rail tape on the planet!


Rail tape for SUP board to protect against dings and scratches




Q:  I have a pair of bungee cords I can use to strap my SUP onto my car rack, or even a pair of rachet-style tie-down straps. Are those OK to use?

A:  We would say no-way Jose, even if your name is not Jose!  You do not want to trust just any straps to strap down your precious paddleboard cargo. You want to use proper heavy-duty straps that provide the greatest security when you strap your SUP to your ride! 

We only sell the highest grade heavy-duty Rollercam tie-down straps which will most securely strap your paddle board to your roof rack.  Hit the road and freeway with confidence knowing that your new SUP baby is safe and sound on the way to the water!


Tie-down car straps for your paddle board




Q:  I was looking on the SUP to You website page "Quality vs. Cheap SUPs". What is the deal with "premium" paddle boards and "premium" paddle board brands, and why is it important?

A:  Just like any product you can buy, there is premium grade quality, and low-end quality.  When it comes to buying standup paddleboards and standup paddleboard equipment, there is a big difference between the premium grade quality paddle boards and the lower-end cheaper ones. 

The top brands that you see in the magazines, and the ones that have the top team riders paddling in the sport are the brands who make the best quality standup paddleboards.  This is why we only sell the top premium brands in the SUP biz.  Then we go a step further and test-out every SUP model we plan to sell and carry each season. 

Since we have gone down the long SUP road, and learned so much over the years, we only provide the best in-class SUP models available, that provide the best real-deal value!  Sure, you can shop around and find a cheaper standup paddleboard, and it will be just that, cheap! 

Why would you spend your hard-earned money on some mass-produced/ cheap-o SUP that is made with the cheapest materials, and is prone to wear-out and ding easily?  You will end up spending more money at the repair shop and on replacement boards than the up-front savings when you thought you got the killer deal!  And why would you spend your hard-earned time on a sub-par experience vs. the most epic experience you get on a premium real-deal SUP? 

Life is too short to live sub-par!  Friends don’t let friends buy cheap-o SUPs!  Step up to a SUP Slim Jim and have SUP to You get you into the real-deal SUP game! 


Mass produced cheap paddle boards




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