Cover - SUP UV Protection

What is the #1 cause of long term damage to a SUP?  The SUN!  Protect your investment with the highest quality covers around from Victory Koredry!  If you are ever going to leave your board on top of your car or exposed to the sun for any extended amount of time, you need this cover!

1-sided slip-on board cover to reduce overheating and sun exposure.

• Over 30º cooler vs. uncovered boards

• Slips on in ten seconds
• 4-way stretch to 1.5 feet
• Abrasion resistant, high quality double knit fabric
• Fits tight enough for transportation on cars

* Made in USA

8'-9'.6"        All Around   $100

9'.6"-11'      All Around   $110

11'-12'.6"    Tour/ Race   $120

14'              Tour/ Race   $130


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