ISUP - Electric Pump + Battery Pack

Our premium iSUP Electric Pump features Cooling TECH that allows inflating multiple boards at a time without overheating the pump (Vs. the cheaper ones online that eventually overheat and break, so the savings you thought you got all just went in the trash!). This quality, high-pressure electric pump is an inflatable SUPper’s best friend. Plug it in, set the PSI, then kick back while the pump does all the work.  The iSUP Electric Pump increases the board's pressure in its first stage, then automatically kicks into stage two to top it off to your selected PSI. You will hit the water faster than ever before, save your energy for the paddling and not the pumping!  It also features a deflate mode where you can get all the air out of your board for the best iSUP compact storage.  

  • Cooling Tech: Easly inflate multiple boards at a time without overheating
  • Portable and Powerful: High-pressure pump for inflating inflatable stand up paddle boards, inflates up to 20 psi 
  • Includes:  Carrying bag, 12-V cigarette lighter plug-in, optional 12-V car battery cables and flexible, non-kinking hose and 7 nozzles
  • Easy to Use:  Electric Pump, with digital display and adjustable auto-shutoff, stops the pump once a selected pressure is reached
  • Universal: Works for all Inflatable Paddle Boards
  • Portable Battery Pack:  Inflates 2 or 3 boards depending on size and PSI
  • 12-V cigarette lighter output, plus 2 USB ports, and bright flashlight
  • LCD Display
  • Wall outlet charger included

$139  Electric Pump

$95    Portable Battery Pack






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