Trance Carbon - Adjustable

The Brands Take:

Paddles that offer Premium Performance give you the right combination of light weight, stiffness and durability. These are also our most impact resistant paddles, for white water, coastal play or just more confidence no matter the use. Swing weight equates to the effort it takes to move your paddle through out the stroke, and with our Premium line it is not much. Stiffness is a key element in blade performance, allowing for more efficiency as the blade fixes less under the load of moving you and your boat. Choose between fiberglass or carbon construction. Carbon gives you the lightest swing weight option and matches the strength, impact and wear resistance of fiberglass with a stealth black carbon look. Fiberglass is a great compromise for those looking for a better value. You still get identical strength and impact and wear resistance. Also, a variety of bright color options with a handcrafted translucent look. Our shaft uses a carbon blend to combine light weight and strength. We also spend a lot of time testing flex. With each stroke you’ll feel just the perfect about of flex, making the paddle softer on your joints.

The carbon materials along with our proprietary foam core, make this this our lightest option in our Ultimate performance line. The proprietary foam core gives the blade volume, Buoyance, and internal strength while allowing for a smooth back face.

The innovators of the Long Slender Rectangular blade shape. Copied, but never duplicated, our blade shape is far and away the most gentle on the body, allowing you to enjoy the water all day without feeling beat up tomorrow. A softer feel and higher cadence without having to sacrifice blade surface area.

Our Performance Adjustable SUP paddles offer a solid and precise feel even when you need to fine tune paddle length. With a simple system, less parts to break, a smooth shaft feel, the grip telescopes with six length settings. This system is great for sharing between people of close height. It is also great for people who own boards of different thickness, or adjusting between touring and surfing lengths. For river runners, go short in the rapids and longer in flat-water.

Our Take:

This paddle is the primo blend of lightness, strength and design, and continues to be a top seller season after season.  The rounded rectangular blade shape cuts through the water effortlessly with a brilliant design that stretches the surface area of the blade vs a traditional teardrop shape, and by keeping the width minimal, cuts through the water with less effort.  As the paddle is the single most important piece of equipment in SUP, this paddle investment is worth it's weight in SUP gold!             

Adjustable System: LeverLock with 8" of adjustability

Weight: 19.5oz.

Blade Size Options: 95 and 85 (Square Inches) 

Available in three different shaft lengths: 

70" - 78"/ Small    **Shorter Height Paddlers

74" - 82"/ Medium **Medium Height Paddlers

80" - 88"/ Large    **Tall Height Paddlers



**Also available in a travel 3 piece: $380

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