Length: 11.0'

Width: 31"

Thickness: 4.25"

Volume: 190 liters

Weight: 27 lbs

Construction: Elements

Color: Aqua and Blue

Brand: NSP

Model: Cruise

Price: $945



The NSP Cruise 11.0 SUP is the perfect streamlined length that is super maneuverable, with a nice wide platform for the most comfortable, stable ride on the water!  It is the most popular board in the NSP SUP range and one of the most popular shapes in the world. Cruising on a body of water is an essential part of the stand up paddle boarding experience.  The NSP Cruise 11.0 is the perfect down-the middle size that is suitable for entry-level paddlers due to its design features of a wider nose and tail, and thicker rails which creates an extraordinary stable platform compared to the typical paddle board shape.  The bottom of the Cruise has a double concave that makes the board glide with ease, and makes it effortless to paddle that handles excellent in both flat-water and open-ocean conditions.  The Cruise shape will also surf for fun entry-level, long-board style paddle surfing!  Comes with a GoPro® insert mount on the nose, and a tie-down bungee cord to secure any gear for an epic day on the water!  

The Elements construction is from an evolved production process that results in durability, value and performance.  Exclusive molding technology delivers highly accurate shape reproduction with dynamic flex characteristics.  The EPS closed cell water proof core is wrapped in lightweight fiberglass and molded creating a durable shell.  Premium performance shape with a premium quality construction get's you the best-in class SUP at a killer price-point!

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