Pads - SUP Rooftop/ SUP Storage

The SUP Rooftop Pads are 4" thick, and 30" wide. Perfect to easily transport your SUP directly on the rooftop of any car with four doors, no bulky SUP rack required!  High quality dense foam blocks provide a firm, safe surface for placing on top of your car roof.  Just place the pads over the main frame of the car roof to not bend/ damage your roof (or sunroof frame), tighten down your tie-downs straps until there is no movement of your board, and you are off to the water!  Hit freeway speeds, no problemO!  Our SUP Rooftop Pads also work great for storing your SUP on the ground if you have no room for wall/ ceiling racks for the packed-out garage! 

 -$45 (pair)


**Use the SUP Rooftop Pads along with a pair of our heavy duty tie-down straps, and you will have everything you need to securely transport your SUP! 

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