Sprint Carbon Sandwich 14 X 25.5

Length: 14'

Width: 25.5"

Volume: 295 liters

Weight: 26 lbs

Construction: Carbon Sandwich

Color: Sky Blue

Brand: Starboard

Model: Sprint

Price: $4199   **DISCOUNTED $1000 at $3199!  ONLY ONE LEFT!






The Sprint is without a doubt one of the fastest and most efficient boards for harbor and light-chop conditions.  A thicker slicing nose design displaces water with a cleaner release so you can paddle faster with less water wrapping and slowing you down.  Rounded rails at the tall feel more forgiving in side chop and creates a more efficient release.  A refined standing cockpit with more dug-out rails helps utilize the full width to give you more stability and control.  Redesigned center drainage system gives you 50% faster drainage speed, 50% weight reduction.  A thin, slicing nose parts the water efficiently and stops the water from wrapping over the nose to slow you down. It pops faster in chop and gives you more trim control.  The tail has a new rounded tail edge, giving a smoother release and more efficient glide. In choppy conditions, the new round tail is more forgiving.  The inner rails in the standing area are more dug out in the standing area to utilize the full width inside the cockpit and improve stability.  Thin slicing nose optimized for speed, less drag, better efficiency.  Tall profile also allows for great performance in small bumps.  Thick profile limits water splashing into the deck area and provides even volume distribution throughout the board.  Our fastest and most efficient hull design ever. The unique round rail low apex design provides a fast and smooth ride with little resistance.  Recessed pad for comfort and stability. The flat deck makes it easy to move freely around when trimming the board and surfing on the tail.  The curved rails are angled inward, with a low apex for buoyancy and float, and the top area of the rail reduces drag for a faster, longer-lasting glide.  The closed sloped tail restricts water from flooding the tray when buoy turning and surfing. It allows riders to have less water in the deck and faster acceleration when finishing turns.  The 3k pre-impregnated carbon biax fin is ultra-lightweight weave and creates super stiff performance throughout the fin. The trailing edge features a super sharp 0.4mm for clean hydrodynamics.  EVA deflector deflects water entering into the standing, keeping water weight off the board and out of the cockpit. The rail deflector also acts as protection when tying the board onto roof racks.  We moved the drainage from the rails to center of the board resulting in less water weight on the rails, reducing the water causing imbalances in lateral stability.  Faster drainage, we recorded up to 50% faster drainage time (drained in 18 strokes with center vs 39 strokes with rails).   50% reduction in weight change from 4 to 2 drainage holes  The standing area is much drier overall as less water enters when leaning on the rail to rail turn.  Carbon drain covers recessed into the board for maximum efficiency, secured with improved sealant glue and additional clear tape around the edge.

The Carbon Sandwich Technology is the highest-end, lightest and strongest board construction available.  Starboard's Carbon Sandwich Technology was pioneered in SUP 11 years ago has been gradually improved year by year, delivering the fastest & most reactive SUP speed machines on the planet. Carbon sandwich combines the superior strength and stiffness properties of carbon fiber and PVC foam. This is our premium construction used in the world’s most successful and world-beating All Star and Sprint models.  If you want the highest performance paddle board with no compromise, then what you want is Starboard's proprietary Carbon Sandwich Construction.  Lightweight biaxial carbon.  Super light-weight 100g biaxial carbon is laminated over the standing area and full bottom.  While the stronger 150g Biaxial carbon wraps the nose and rail and the best strength ratio and efficient flex.  High-density PVC is used in the standing area and full bottom, reducing resin uptake and maximizing strength.  A ridged standing area of 0.6mm Australian Pine is added for extra deck impact resistance and rigidity.  Uni-directional carbon in the mid-section of the board has stiffer UD carbon side stringers to maintain the rocker in the critical area, thus optimizing glide.  Impregnated paint pigment means no paint is sprayed, reducing the overall weight, paint chips and scratches.  EPS closed-cell waterproof core.  Shear resistant, fused and molded individually to fit each and every Starboard board providing high strength at the lightest weight. Our molded core technology produces zero EPS wastage.




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